Talking about mental wellness has been a subject that most people shied from, but due to knowledge and awareness, many are getting comfortable talking about it.

Most of our issues especially as Africans can lead to mental breakdowns, from child abuse to emotional abuse and so many other abuses. The thought of “ Expectation” can lead many down the drain mentally

To get a clear picture I am trying to paint, what does mental health means?

Mental from the “web” means “relating to the mind”

Mental Health means the level of your well-being, your behavioral, emotional, and thinking state. Everything we do as humans start from our minds, we conceive and process thoughts in our minds, thus this saying “A mind is a powerful tool”, what do you do with this tool? when life hits, how do you manage this tool?

Mental health can also be referred to as a state of mind(mental) wellness that enables people to manage the stresses of life, learn how to work well, and work properly in their community.

So why bother about our mental wellness? from the above definition, taking care of our mental health means we get to bring out the best versions of ourselves.

Generally, mental health affects our daily living, and relationships( Platonic + Romantic ) with physical health. It is important for me to state that good mental health means you have a handle on balancing things around you.

In our growing society, finances have a way of pushing one to the brink of a mental breakdown, also childhood experiences(Trunma) that haven’t been dealt with, and then talk about being “served breakfast”(Heartbreak) here and there.


A lot can happen so fast and take a swirl on your wellness.

To be able to get a handle on our mental wellness, we need to have more knowledge of what we are trying to get a handle on. There are different forms of Mental breakdown, from Anxiety to mood swings and psychotic behaviors.

Since this is the introductory part of this series on Medium, I’ll talk about the Mood swings form of a mental wellness breakdown.

Do you know mood swings is referred to as Mood Disorder too? People with this illness have serious mood changes pertaining to moments of high spirits(energy) bursting through them, you feel this Joy and happiness radiating from them to them turning cold and withdrawn(also called depressed).

A little dingy on depression, this state leaves you feeling extremely sad and empty like you are not doing enough, you just want to be drawn in that rush of overwhelming emotions, and you feel stuck.

Depression can go on for weeks even! it is not that usually life moments of the sudden feeling that you switch back to reality, depression is deeper than that.

Some examples of Mood swings disorder include

a. Major depression: one experiences constant low spirits(energy) with a loss of interest in activities and events, you just want to be on your own, and this usually goes on for a long time.

b. bipolar mood: This is a deeper mood switch, it includes manic phases, read more here.

How can we handle this Mood swing disorder?

  1. Try not to monetize everything, difficult, but doable.
  2. Prioritize Self-care for both genders.
  3. Take out to rest and have quality sleep, it leaves you refreshed.
  4. Have your go-to person( your positive vibe person), to talk to and help you unburden without judgment.

Managing one’s mental health is anything but simple. However, having the right information on hand can help. Follow and keep on notification to get more info about mental wellness.

we need our minds to be well as much as our physical beings.

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