In the stillness, I watch the raindrops dance beautifully on the window pane and find myself disappearing. Sometimes I wander to places in my mind and forget about the present. But I think that you and I need to enjoy every moment as it comes, embrace each uncertainty, to mold our sadness into happiness. Clinging onto hope despite the despair. Enjoy the breeze on rainy days, notice the footprints on the sand, stare in awe at your friend’s smile and listen to the silence between screams.
Life is meant to be lived, and I believe it isn’t only on those good days but also on the overwhelming ones too. Celebrate people’s successes with them and take pride in those little things you do that might not seem worth celebrating that you find and appreciate all those things that genuinely make you happy. That you dispose of other people’s cruel words and love yourself truly.

Perhaps one day you’ll find your purpose, don’t wait until everything seems fine, be present in the now, accept every pain, and nurse every grief. Don’t just exist, and I also think existing is part of living too but don’t just let life go on without you enjoying each experience. Let nature amuse you, dance, watch your favorite movie, and take pictures of things that make your eyes sparkle.

Live, because every phase has a meaning and maybe one day you’ll find out why it all happened. Take pride in who you’re becoming, that you face each difficulty with courage, and release your mind from embracing the worries. It’s okay to cry a little, to be disappointed, to be overwhelmed, to be stuck in a phase but don’t let it define you. Don’t let it make you miss out on all the wonderful things you can experience. Look at the sky, lend a helping hand, breathe in exhale and take each day as it comes.

Live life, hold each moment, and squeeze them into you so that it might carry you on those days when your feet are heavy. Be brave and take those worries and turn them into something marvelous.
You have the power to give yourself, and your story a fantastic ending. Take courage and face your anxiety, let it not stop you from enjoying the present. Forget about the past, wait patiently for tomorrow, and take joy in today.

Life is meant to be lived, so instead I won’t be stuck in my head, I will go out and inhale the fresh air, and let the rain beat me a little, let the sun shine on me and you should too. You have what it takes, Let God lead you and let him hold you. He will carry through every storm but don’t forget that in each phase build joy.

There are so many ways that you can be in the present so please write all those wonderful things down and do them. Remember, weeping may be enjoyable for a night but joy comes in the morning. I believe that God planted that joy, light, and hope to reach within you and bloom.

‘Life is meant to be lived’

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