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Human feelings can get the best of us occasionally in this crazy life of ours. The Feelings can be handled quickly and others not so much. We all get overwhelmed sometimes from a lot of things and when we are overwhelmed, all we want to do is push everyone out or just lay down and do nothing, I know the feeling, I have been there, that cozy little safe spot. But hey that’s completely fine, for a little while until you have to pick yourself up. Well, these tricks_i call them tricks because it works like magic every damn time_ have helped me get out of the pity party feeling of being overwhelmed.

Before getting down to business, what does it mean to be Overwhelmed??

Overwhelm is when you are overpowered with something, an excess amount of anything, to have too much of something. Another word is swamped.

It is an emotional state of struggling to deal or cope with a situation.

How do you know you are overwhelmed?

  1. You are completely tired of almost everything and you don’t know why!
  2. You are easily irritated and frustrated.
  3. You just want to be alone. Isolation.
  4. You cloud yourself with so many things at the same time. To mention a few.

You are no longer comfortable with the overwhelming episodes, Here are some of the tricks that I used that will help get you back on your feet.

Make a grateful list.

The first thing I did, after wetting my pillow with tears, as I gathered myself, sat up, and opened up my write-up pad on my phone, I started writing down all I was thankful for, and I bet you it was a long list of amazing things.

Trust me, at first, it will be difficult. You might not feel better right away. But I guarantee that if you keep writing down things for five to 10 minutes you will feel a significant difference in your mood.

This logic is simple, you’re changing your awareness from the things that you’re worried about to the things that you appreciate, and doing this, you automatically let go of that negative energy holding you down. It is a sweet puff of relief.

So next time you’re feeling stressed out and it’s getting to you, try and write down everything that gets you excited and everything that you are grateful to have in your life. Even if you have nothing, there’s still something to be grateful for. Just look right in front of the mirror (you). Be grateful to be alive!

Remember, that situation will pass, it is the cycle of life.

Connect with nature.

When the stress is getting to you it means that you are disconnected from who you are. Your true nature can be found in nature. Yeap, I said that.

I learned this from my Dad, whenever he sees me sulking around, he’ll say”take a walk around the house, look at the trees, go have a breeze, you’ll feel better”. Go for a walk, maybe bring your grateful list, just make sure that you’re going outside and getting up close and personal with life, being indoors doing nothing can be draining on its own. Doing this allows you to rebuild and boost your mood a heck of a lot.

By reconnecting with nature, it reconnects with you and will give you the vital energy to continue your journey. I think it’s underestimated how powerful a walk in nature can be on the human soul.

It does change your perspective on a lot of things, especially when you realize how tiny you are compared to the universe and the world. Take a look at the filament, see how well the clouds are sitting, how the sky is blue, and every other thing in between. Nature is beautiful.

So take a walk. A present moment walk. Focus on your footsteps, your breathing, the colors, and the smell in the air, everything. Just be deliberate about this. Before you know it you will feel grounded and ready for anything.

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PS. If you don’t have a place where there are trees, you can take an evening stroll around your area, and just lose open everything, I don’t mean get naked LOL, I mean open up your heart and mind and soul, and enjoy every step, while you gather your thoughts.

Shock your body.

You can shock your body to get out of the overwhelming feeling real quick. Some of these methods are going to suck, like we that stay in the colder part of Nigeria, Jos, Plateau State, we bath with warm or sometimes hot water, so giving myself a cold bath brought me back to my senses real quick. But it was worth it. For you guys in a moist, heated location, you can get extra ice into the water to get the absolute result. SHOCKING A BODY WORKS WELL! Not electricity kind of shock, let’s get that straight.

When you shock the body you are going to the sympathetic nervous system. After that, you go deeper into the parasympathetic nervous system.

In this way, you become far more relaxed and resilient to stress. It’s like training for your nervous system.

You’ll feel like a complete badass.

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A cold bath shocks your body and allows you to relax deeply afterward. This will help shock your body, get the endorphins flowing, and get you into a better state of mind. It also helps relieve painful muscles.

Feel what you feel.

This is the most important tip out of all. The last thing you want to do is run from what you’re feeling. Deal with the disappointment feeling as it comes, the heartache, the shame, whatever it is, deal with it. We are used to shoving everything under the rug and it piles up and becomes something else and sometimes that’s bad for our mental wellbeing.

If you run from the feeling of being stressed and cover it up with distractions and more work, it will end up lingering in your body causing you to get sick. Not only physically sick but also mentally sick.

Therefore, the only solution, the only way out, is to go in. Feel what you feel without any judgment. Feel it without making up reasons why you feel that way.

Once you become aware of the feeling, it dissolves. You just have to become aware of it and that leaves. Bring all your attention into the present moment and feel the emotion. Feel the overwhelm.

It’s not going to feel good at first but trust me if you do it, you will end up better. It’s the same with any other emotion in life. You can’t keep bottling it up, so become aware of it so you can let it go.

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Give the steps a try even if you’re not feeling overwhelmed. It just makes you feel better!

Hope you find this content useful. If you do, don’t forget to drop a comment here and share it on your social handles.

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    Good one girl😘, it relates to real life and what one can actually do. Thank you very useful.

  2. I read and found this really helpful! Each ‘instruction’ appears to be related with and resourceful for our daily life. Thanks so much, Stee.

  3. This is a must read for the moment. Had to find a space, get a sit to make sure i digest it well. You are doing great💪

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