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When it comes to been productive, we have this human instinct to want to be productive and useful in whatever or wherever we find ourselves, sometimes it’s due to peer pressure or societal acceptance. we all know people who are always ready to get things done or always have a way of getting things done right away.

I remember a friend of mine that gets out all the dirty clothes and gets them washed and dried out within thirty (30) minutes, she does laundry like she’s having breakfast, maybe because she’s into that. Anyways she’s productive when it comes to doing something she likes, Me on the other hand because I dislike laundry with my hands it usually takes an hour or two to get it done.

The question is, how do these people get so productive and how do they get productive every day?

  • Most times the mindset determines how productive you are going to get. when you see a task as a challenge, then it really becomes a challenge to get that task done. Dare to have a positive productive mindset.
  • When you procrastinate on what you should do today till tomorrow, then you let lazy mentality come in and at the end of the day, you did not do any productive thing. Ensure you never procrastinate.
  • Stay motivated, and remain focus on what you have lined up for the day to get done, with that you stay on track and your day will be productive.

Some people are highly productive, and I sometimes ask myself, how do these highly productive people do it? from research and reading of books and conversations with such highly productive people, I observed that it is a habit that they have trained to get or cultivated along the line. So it is doable

Remember you can not get productive just because you say “I want to be productive” or you sleep it off and wake up the next morning feeling like you are going to be productive today.

For instance, what happens when you wake up one morning and have the feeling to be lazy and have that feeling of not doing anything?

So you have to be deliberate about having to change the little things that drag you down and build up good habits of wanting to be productive. Before you know it, you’d be well on your way to becoming more productive.

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being busy and being productive are two different thing

How to be Productive

To be productive can be quite easy, just ensure you really want to be productive and follow the steps listed below and it will enable you to have a productive day.

  • Have a Plan.

Having a plan for anything is the ideal way to live. With a busy day filled with a busy schedule, you are likely to give up so quickly and at the end of the day not accomplish all you wish you had on mind to carry out for the day or week or even a year.

So you have to finally give yourself that attention you need, make out those plans, or even set up a time for proper planning, along the line it becomes easy.

Setting up a plan does not necessarily have to be about just job, it includes activities like what time to say your prayers, to read a book, to go see a client, to check up your emails, going to the shop, and picking up the groceries, taking the kids to the playground, folding your clothes, etc…

Because of proper planning, even when fatigue kicks in, you would want to tick off the list of things you have planned to do for the day, and you find yourself being effective and productive.

  • Prioritize Properly

I recommend that you carry out each task as outlined, that Is, from most important To least important. Endure you tick each task once you’re done, that way you walk through your list. When you do this, at the end of your day, you would have carried out the important things you wanted to do and you will be satisfied, and agree that your day was productive.

Never feel you have to pick out the hardest tasks to the easiest or the easiest to the hardest, pick out the important task and carry it out.

  • Get a good night’s rest

It is important to carry out this point. Sleeping is really really important when it comes to been productive.

For example, you wake up with pain at the back of your head, you can’t be productive or compare to when you have had a good night sleep or rest, you wake up full-on ready for a new day, with its activities.

When you do not sleep properly, your day will be affected, and you’ll get exhausted easily and you might not accomplish everything you’ve listed out to accomplish.

without great health, there will not be a great gain

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