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I recently started a series on mental wellness, I previously wrote an introductory part of it some weeks back, I didn’t intend to take this long to write, but then life happens and one needs to take things as they come.

I established the fact that we as Africans always suffer one mental breakdown or the other and not talking about it properly has led many to their downfall.

I added that Mental health can also be referred to as a state of mind(mental) wellness that enables people to manage the stresses of life, learn how to work well, and work properly in their community, you can read the full article here 

Sometimes mental breakdowns are caused by trauma, and most people do not heal from their trauma completely. This can lead to many unhealthy relationships and an unending cycle of mental breakdowns.

I sent out interview questions to this amazing personality, she’s big on wellness and I thought why not hear a little from her on mental wellness? Here is how your conversation went…

Stee: Good day, please introduce yourself.

Comfort: Hello, my name is Comfort Omovre, but I go by the alias, Phoenix Blvck.

Stee: What’s your brand about?

Ans: Promoting emotional and mental well-being, as well as healthy relationships.

Stee: From your content, you are big on wellness as a whole, why is that?

Comfort: I believe that everyone deserves to enjoy a better quality of living and that can only happen if we’re in overall good health, and not just physically. Alas, whilst there’s already so much enlightenment regarding physical ailments, the same can’t be said for the ailments of our hearts and minds. Many people are confused because they don’t even understand what’s going on with their emotions and thoughts, half the time. I believe that helping people gain clarity is the first step in the right direction.

Stee: In your own words describe what mental illness is

Comfort: An ailment that affects the mind.

The term mental illness refers to a category of diseases that can affect a person’s thinking, perceptions, moods, or behavior. Mental illness can interfere with a person’s ability to handle work, relationships, and other activities. Mental illnesses and stress have a complicated relationship, but it is well known that stress can worsen mental illnesses. Most people can manage their mental illnesses with medication, counseling, or both. These are some of the most common mental illnesses and mental health issues. From Betterhealth

Stee: As a mental health advocate, what’s the most common thing you hear from people who are having a mental breakdown?

Comfort: “I don’t understand why I keep feeling this way. I wish I can just end everything.”

Stee: Why do you think people shy away from talking about having a mental illness?

Comfort: Stigmatization. Lack of proper awareness. Unwillingness to accept that they need help, as they believe that could mean they’re admitting to being “crazy.”

Stee: What advice would you give our readers who are embarrassed to ask for help?

Comfort: You deserve to live a full, healthy life. You deserve to get the best out of everything. Stop short-changing yourself. For your present and your future, seek help so that you can feel better.

Stee: What do you wish people knew about mental health?

Comfort: It’s an integral piece to our overall well-being, and just as we all fall physically sick from time to time, our mind is prone to do so, even more often. Nothing weird about it. It’s just . . . normal.

Stee: For someone mentally broken due to an abusive relationship, what would you advise them?

Comfort: Talk to someone. You don’t have to go through the healing process alone. It always helps to have people around you, who can help you truly recover. And yes, you’re stronger and braver than you know it. If you walked away, you can fully heal as well. It might take time, but it will happen.

Stee: Mental health can happen from a traumatic experience, how can you help someone in this situation?

Comfort: By uprooting the tree. We need to delve into the traumatic experience, little by little–only when the survivor is ready, and slowly seal up all the wounds created by the incident. Until then, we work on coping mechanisms to help them manage any PTSD that might have been born from the event.

Stee: How do you create contents that help people to manage their mental breakdown?

Comfort: Err, like I create any other content. I research, seek to enlighten, and make sure to empathize with readers that might feel affected.

Stee: From the stories you’ve shared you were in a traumatic situation, how did you grow out from the mental breakdown?

Comfort: Therapy, support system, the love of family, God, and sheer will.

Stee: Can you recommend any book or IG page that can help someone going through a mental breakdown?

Comfort: Several come to mind, but I can’t remember their handles right now.

Stee: Is there anything you’ll like to share?

Comfort: No, not that I can think of.

Stee: Thank you for your time.

Comfort: Thank you too.

It is refreshing, having to get these questions answered by Comfort. I hope this gets you more knowledgeable. for more from our quest, check her Instagram handle @phonix.blvk

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