The movie Breaded Life

Breaded life follows the story of the spoiled son of a rich widow who refused to work but prefers to lavishly spend money because he feels his family is rich and his father left him an inheritance and what brought about a change in his mindset and behaviour.

The main actor Kumni (Timini Egbuson) who was packing his clothes to move to his sister’s house is suddenly chased out of his own house by police and called a thief and everyone who knows him doesn’t remember him except a poor bread seller that lives in the ghetto. Can you imagine a situation where no one who knows remembers you?

What I loved about this movie was the fact that the suspense of the reason why Sunmi’s family forgot about him was retained till the end of the movie. I didn’t even expect the twist that was the reason for the journey the male leads life took in the movie and the movie was interesting enough to hold my attention till the end.

Breaded life took us to the ghetto and they did justice to it. From todowede (Bimbo Ademoye) the bread seller to the journey of how Sunmi got a job which showed us that there is a hierarchy to respect if you want to survive well in the ghetto as well as the tremendous acting of the actors.

 In all, it was a good watch. Although it doesn’t have a complicated storyline that touches on a lot of topics, it was a feel-good movie with a straight storyline and I’m recommending it.

The Movie Bad comments

Bad comments is a movie that talks about the effect negative social media comments have on those it’s said it.

In this movie, the main actor (Jim Iyke) was a popular actor who suddenly lost every job-related opportunity such as Ambassadorial deals, and movie deals among others and was painted as a villain to the public and by the public just because an edited video of him beating up an old man went viral.

Nobody believed him, everyone was just saying what they thought without thinking of its effect on him.

It showed us the fact that not everything we see on social media is true. Some people just pour out their frustration and annoyance at life on other people all in the name of social media comments and some go as farr as paying to set up and ruin other people’s life because they feel the users of social media are gullible and easily accept everything they see online.

Bad comment shows us the negative effect negative social media comments can have on both the person it is said to and the person that typed them

It also touched on the fact that nobody can be trusted. People can change in a blink of an eye if your attitude no longer favors them or your position in life changes.

It helps us understand that not everyone is mentally able to survive bad comments and that sometimes when we type negative words we forget after sleeping, someone else may never forget it for life.

I loved the point the movie tried to make but I feel like it also made it seem like all blogs are lying or every story online is by angry or bribed people who want to see the downfall of others which is not always true. Some stories are true but as always, don’t believe everything you see on social media just as the movie tried to teach.

Although you may not feel very clear on how it was achieved in the movie, it was a good watch and I’m recommending it.

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