While we were kids we usually don’t think much about the future not to talk about the the consequences of our actions down the line, i mean , we were just kids and we like the freedom of eating,playing, sleeping and worrying about absolutely nothing…the good old days. Back to reality, adulthood set in and things changed, and as we approach a certain age, we start wondering about the lifestyle we are living , the things we do and eat and how all this choices affects how the future will turn out.

Recently I got to understand that the first quarter which is from mid 20s to 30s is the ideal period to make a lot of important lifestyle changes. What changes am I talking about? The perception of kindness and gratitude, consumption(i mean diet, yes diet which most of us including me have a hard time being consistent with), and modifications in your workout routine, another thing we Nigerians run away from, some of us are to lazy to keep fit. We mostly think work out is just for losing weight, it’s a lot more than that, we need to normalize the fact that working out is to be fit.

The trick is to set yourself up for a better tomorrow, today.

As we get older we obviously need to drop some habits, lifestyle and pick new ones that will benefit us even as we age.

Here are some really important Tips that we can build as we go through the adulthood ladder, for a better and improved living.

1. Exercise Regularly

Personally, I dislike working out, truthfully it is tiring, but that’s just the lazy me talking…honestly getting in shape not only makes you feel better about yourself, but it also improves your health, oh yeah your health, so because

and because it improves my health I do a little sit up in my room for some minutes with the help of a workout app I downloaded. You can get other related routines from home workout app not just sit ups and the basic. Getting an app from play store or apple store makes working out less tedious, trust me I know.

Okay here is the thing, working out with downloaded home work out apps is what works for me, it fits my schedule, you could be a “jogger kind of a person” that to is fine, just ensure you workout and sweat more. It gets all the unnecessary things out of your system.. Another thing I found out is, you have to have a right mindset about exercises. If you think it doesn’t work, it won’t. So ensure you check your mindset, it helps.

When it comes to exercising it’s important to choose a physical activity that you enjoy. You will have more fun while achieving the desired results and enduring in your exercise plan. There are so many options for you out there.

If you are the outdoor type you can;

  • Try jogging around your neighbourhood(if it is safe) no go do pass yourself sha.
  • Go mountain climbing (if you fancy such activities)
  • Download exercise apps to your phones and do your thing indoor( like I do)
  • Try sign up for a workout session online, just like LIN(LoseitNigeria), you can use this think 👉 LIN to view their Instagram page. Where you pay for a well made out diet plan and routine exercises. This is actually effective if you have some money to play around with.

PS: Stick to the one(s) you know you can go through with and still enjoy the routine.

2. Eat mindfully

You should try to keep your diet as healthy as possible. However, maintaining a healthy lifestyle when you’re on the go isn’t easy, but it’s possible. It is so easy to get stuck in the vicious cycle of eating junk food. Maintaining a healthy, well balanced diet doesn’t mean you should never eat fast food. It simply means that the base for your diet should consist of more fresh produce, whole grains, nuts and omega 3 fatty acids with one or two junk meals a month. You can start modifying your diet slowly by changing one unhealthy item on your grocery list for a healthy one every week, and you’ll end up with a grocery list containing only healthy items eventually.

You won’t even notice this change if you introduce it slowly, step by step. Besides affecting your body, some foods can also affect your state of mind. For example, carbohydrates release ‘serotonin’ or a ‘happy hormone’—but the key is to know which ones. Simple carbs (foods high in sugar and starch) boost your energy only shortly and then your energy crashes abruptly. To keep the happy hormone at level with carbs, consume complex carbs such as vegetables, beans, and whole grains. Foods high in protein such as lean meat, poultry, legumes, and dairy release dopamine and norepinephrine, which boost energy and concentration as well. Highly-processed, deep-fried foods and skipping meals will leave you feeling sad and depressed—so avoid those.

3. Cut down on vice (or ditch them completely)

We all indulge in a certain vice such as consuming too much coffee, alcohol, energy drinks or smoking cigarettes. We don’t have to drop them completely and all at once, but we can make certain changes related to the consumption of these addictive, sweet and yet bad things. For example, instead of drinking those fancy lattes packed with calories, search for quality tea or coffee. You’ll see a difference in your waistline almost immediately! As far as energy drinks are concerned, find another way of boosting your energy. Start with being more active, it will increase your energy levels. You can also eat nuts, they are quite the healthy energy boosters.

Consuming alcohol moderately, especially red wine, is beneficial for our cardiovascular system.

4. Work on your mental health

All the tips on how to be happy include focusing on your mental health besides all the other obvious ones. Erase negativity from your surroundings by building your confidence slowly. Negativity is not beneficial for you: it keeps you from really enjoying your life. Discovering your purpose will help you in making the first steps towards changing your lifestyle for better. Get spiritual and help others whenever you can. Do something only for yourself, and take your time to enjoy it. This is valuable for your well-being and mental health.

5. Be grateful

It’s a fact that we need more gratitude in our lives. Being grateful for the things we have boosts our mood. We usually forget how lucky we are and about the things we have, or about the things we have yearned for a long time and that we already have. A good way to remind ourselves that we need to be grateful is to say a few things we are grateful for to ourselves every day. You’ll need some practice, but eventually, you’ll be able to see and acknowledge all the positive things in your life you need to be thankful for. This is the key to becoming a more positive person.

Think about the lifestyle you’re leading now and think about the changes you would make. Remember to be realistic and to set rational goals. Make a plan and start slowly. Sometime in the future, you’ll be thankful for making these changes promptly.

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