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Relationships can be hard and the end math of fallout can be hitting. over the years, things I have gotten from people’s past relationship, these are few things i have learned from heart break.

  • Self-love is not bad after all

It is sad that after a breakup we realize how important self-love is, and how it is love at its truest because it comes from within you. I go with this saying always that, the degree of love you feel for yourself is how much you can give to someone else. Believe it or not, we fall back tp ourselves to help us heal and move on, we depend on ourselves to know love does not hurt, rather people do.

  • You see Goals more clearly

Love is sweet and sometimes if not properly watched can be drawn you in and lose focus, unless you have a very good spouse that cheers you on. After a heartbreak, truly the fogs are lifted and you begin to see and know what is important to you. You begin to reevaluate and prioritize and see what needs time that you didn’t give much cognizance to. This way you have more balance in your life.

  • Emotional pain is much worse than Physical

For most physical pain there is always help or remedy. The same can’t be said for emotional pain. Heartbreak teaches you a new kind of pain, one you can’t explain but feel.

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  • It could not be love

Here is it, you could have thought you loved this person and after a break, you realize it was just infatuation or obsession. People get overwhelmed by their emotions and get carried away and fooled into believing that they defined their love for a person. Love indeed has many faces and can be easily misunderstood.

  • Life moves on

No matter how bad a situation is, life moves, it goes on. So even if you are at your happiest, life goes on, and when you are heartbroken, it becomes even clear how fast life goes on.

  • You become more Independent

Truthfully, we somewhat have this co-dependency attitude when we are with someone, we want to share and bounce off thoughts with our significant other, all those two aside things eventually stop and you find yourself depending on yourself more for things you would naturally do with someone else. We make someone a person in our entire world and it’s not a bad thing, but this breakup gives you room to be independent. Being independent after a breakup helps you grow and improve yourself. This is your healing time for you and your mental health.

  • You become happier

I learned this personally, how I enjoyed my freedom and stress-free life while I was healing. Sometimes love can be stressful and even dissatisfying. Just as you heal, self-love kicks in, and at this point, you become happy with your whole being.

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  • Love will find you again

One heartbreak does not define the next journey of your love journey. You will find someone that will love you and you will love. There is someone out there that is ready to start a new relationship, so be open even as you heal.

  • You Prioritize your family and friends

Sometimes, boyfriends and girlfriends come and go. Most Family and friends stay no matter what happens, heartbreak makes you realize what you have and be grateful for it.

Sticky Note:

Heartbreak teaches you fundamental things about life. It might hurt you but it shows you that you can be strong in many ways. There are multiple ways to get over the hurt in your heart and begin to love again.

In life, you might often wish that some good things always continue to exist, but you get all perplexed the moment they seem to cease to exist. It must have taken some part of your life to keep that good thing alive, but if it gets lost, you can’t let it go, and you’ll always have a part of you that longs for it, ruining your life. The only way to learn that some doors don’t lead anywhere is to close them after you experience a heartbreak.

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